5 Websites All Quarterbacks Must Visit

If you play quarterback, or even if you just love football, these websites are going to be just what you are looking for.

1) Smart Football


Overview: Youth quarterbacks, high school quarterbacks, college quarterbacks, and professional quarterbacks can all agree that this in depth football blog has fallen from QB Heaven.  There are constant updates on football innovation, the latest in coaching trends and great stories from all levels of the game.  If you are a quarterback, and I mean a true quarterback, you will be glued to this site.

2) USA Football Blog


Overview: With contributors to the blog such as esteemed quarterback coach Terry Shea (former QB coach of mine), this blog gives simple and easy to read tips for becoming a better player. There are good specific articles about only being a quarterback, which is what I love most about this site.  This is a very good blog to read if you are just starting to look at football blogs: its smooth, easy, and to the point.

3) My Football Mentor


Overview: This is actually a link to a video off of the YouTube channel My Football Mentor, which has some good video learning tools for all skill levels.  The video that I set this link up for is former NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia explaining how to decipher you pre-snap reads as apposed to your post-snap reads. It is an interesting YouTube channel and it has actual people who have played the position explaining techniques and drills.

4) Football Outsiders


Overview: They aren’t lying when they say, “innovative statistics, intelligent analysis.”  This is a perfect site for those of you who are driven by statistics and football data analysis.  To the real quarterbacks, these numbers and statistics may give insight on what it really means to be successful at the position.

5) The Monday Morning Quarterback (MMQB) with Peter King

petekingOverview:  Peter King, an excellent writer for Sports Illustrated, takes you all over the NFL.  The site covers everything from the upcoming draft to personal interest stories that can be catalysts for motivation. This is a perfect site to pass some time either sitting in class or at the desk at work.

Did I miss some good sites? Share some sites you think should have made the list. Do not forget to share if you thought this was worthwhile.


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