4 Reasons Why Tom Brady is the Ultimate Con Man

4 Reasons Why Tom Brady is the Ultimate Con Man

Disclaimer: I believe Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks of all time, and I respect his game and his dedication towards being the best. However Tom has recently been releasing some interesting business ideas to the world recently that look to make money off of anyone who wants to be like him.

If anyone has ever seen the movie “Like Mike”, where the kid gets a pair of shoes and the shoes give him all these magic basketball abilities, then you basically can understand that Tom Brady has been trying to sell the “magic be like me pill” to the public for expensive prices.

Here is a list of the top 4 Reasons Why Tom Brady is The Ultimate Con Man

  1. Under Armour Sleepwear TB12- So Tom Brady now claims that he wears these magical pajamas with revolutionary technology that helps recover your body while you sleep. He heralds “far infrared” as an anti-inflammatory potion that will help repair a worn down body while you sleep. No one is arguing that sleep itself does not help the body recover, but trying to sell $200 dollar pajamas ($99 for top and $99 for bottom) is straight up Tom Brady being a snake oil salesman. Until there is actually some sort of study that backs Tom’s claims with this, it is not right that some people will be dishing out hard earned money to magically heal in their pajamas while they sleep.


  1. The Tom Brady Cookbook– Brady’s Cookbook as it’s called, costs an absurd $200. Again Mr. Brady tries to market this cookbook as his secret to his long and successful career. Part of the reason for justifying the $200 price tag is because it’s a “living document” (I assume this means I better dang well be able to eat the book too), “printed on thick 100 pound paper, and has wooden covers etched with the TB12 logo. Of course all the recipes are about 80% vegetable based because Tom Brady’s personal chef has said that Tom relies 80% on vegetables now. Ok let us get this straight, the secret for Tom’s healthy diet is not the fact that he eat these foods, it is because he has a PERSONAL CHEF, who works day in and day out to research foods for him and prepare meals for him at all times! I guarantee if everyone reading this article had a personal chef they would be totally able to maintain a great diet, but in reality world, where Tom does not exist, we have to make meals and do dishes all while working to pay bills. So if Tom wants to sell his “secret” cookbook to the public for $200 dollars it is clear this is another example of him being a snake oil salesman.


  1. Tom Brady’s Workout Secrets- Tom Brady claims his cutting edge training is what is able to keep his muscles “soft” and “pliable” and able to avoid injury. Tom Brady sells all of his fitness tips in his cookbook plan as well, but there is one major problem again with Tom’s self-righteousness here, he has what Patriot teammates describe as his own personal Mr. Myiagi, in Alex Guerrero. Alex Guerrero has planned an intensive regimen for Tom that breaks his life down to the hour for years in advance. Tom follows the plan and does not deviate. The only thing that bothers me is that Tom acts like when he shares his tip we all have a minion with us 24/7 who gives us three daily massages to relieve all of our aches and pains, with Guerrero even joking about knowing Tom’s Body better than Giselle does. Also if we all had someone to plan to the set and rep three years down the road what we will be doing, I suspect a lot of people could execute the plan.


  1. Tom Brady Has Been a Part of a Cheating Machine- Whether it is Spygate or Deflategate, the Patriots and Tom Brady have been at the center of some of biggest cheating scandals in sports history. One can have the opinion that Deflategate did not affect the outcome of any game and a deflated ball is no big deal, but the fact is there is a rule in the NFL about ball pressure and Tom knowingly broke it, and then lied about it. And Spygate is even worse because the Patriots were illegally filming other teams giving them wild advantages by plain cheating and breaking the rules. For me the Patriots and Tom Brady may be known as a dynasty, but they will forever live with an asterisk next to their accomplishments, because they conned the world into thinking they did it all on their own.

It is clear to see that Tom Brady has had wild success, he works as hard as any athlete in the world, and is one of the most dedicated athletes of our time. But Tom has a weird way of trying to share his “secrets” at quite high prices and claim that breaking the rules is not cheating. Tom may be a great quarterback, but in my opinion he is an even better con man.


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